Some urban revitalization initiatives in European Cities

Zorrozaurre Bilbao
Zorrozaurre Bilbao. The future regeneration of the smart district of Zorrozaurre located in Deusto in Bilbao (ESP) will develop an “island of culture”. Actually local authority plans a temporary cession of goods to dispose of closed “creation factories” to liven up the neighborhood with activities of creative industries.






BedZed London This project is a green BedZed zero emissions neighborhood in Beddington, London (UK). They reused metal structures and wooden poles from demolitions. It has its own water treatment system and electricity cogeneration plant via biomass.









Baltic Triangle Liverpool
Baltic Triangle Liverpool Urban Regeneration of District Baltic Triangle Liverpool (UK) in an area where the musicians are linked with photographers, artists, fashion designers, digital agencies, architects, filmmakers, young entrepreneurs, recording studios in the numerous bars, restaurants, discos , art festivals and galleries internationally renowned.











HaFen City Hamburg
HaFen City Hamburg The progress of the HafenCity project in Hamburg (ALE). Should increase the space in central Hamburg 40% with a mixed complex of housing, shops, offices, spaces for leisure and tourism taking advantage of features maritime port in the old historic area deSpeicherstadt.













Mira Leicester
Mira Leicester The new MIRA in Leicester (UK) Technology Park is a world center of excellence for automotive research and smart mobility, with 8 areas mixing space R & D, places of convenience and relaxation making a style of working life type campus .

















CA L' Atelier Barcelona
CA L’ Atelier Barcelona Factory CA L’Atelier converted into innovation center in District 22 Barcelona (ESP). It is a ICT and mobile space sector, managed by Barcelona Activa.










London Docklands
London Docklands Business area with tax and financial incentives without obtaining planning permission was developed. The secretary of the environment was the political support of the organization and securing funding. With that momentum could build between other airports, health centers and secondary schools and also generated jobs.

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