MEXICO – Opportunities for Smart City

Mexico is the sixth largest emerging economy to attract foreign investment worldwide, with strong activity to receive foreign investment flows in the telecommunications sector with the new anti-monopoly law, while for investment in electricity and energy, these sectors provide an interesting result.

On a metropolitan scale, in 2014, the DF (Mexico City) attracted over 43% of flows at the national level and 55% during the period (2000-2014). Mexico City is now the center of attraction for the world’s best companies for developing an important activity of services due to the presence of large consulting firms such as PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and lawyers from Baker & McKenzie, accounting services and the development of its class A + office space (Historical Center, Reforma and Insurgentes) and Premier (Santa Fe).

Therefore, Mexico City has the profile to be a leader in smart city in Latin America. At the dimension “government” the city capital is recognized in various publications and international events for its online services (procedures and payments), infrastructure (WiFi coverage, detection, health and integrated security, etc. ) and also through its CityLab (available applications, open data and private data protection, etc.) which improved transparency. The DF has also been a player in the region in promoting smart and green technologies such as LEED certified buildings. On the front of the transport, the city is in the head with the introduction of a free program Velo “Ecobici”, a BRT bus system “Metrobus” and shared electric cars.
Turning the concept of the central and equitable city, the idea is that the main concerns of citizens about  urban environment and social equity will be resolved. Among others, the recurring problems are the caps, pollution, the rising cost of water and its scarcity, waste management, the increase in housing prices.
For reference, it has been demonstrated by several successful initiatives globally that introduction of technology and also citizen participation in urban services such as water management, mobility, transport, Waste and lighting are priorities for cities to encourage smarter and a better quality of life.

The main opportunities for investors include:

Optical fiber data network.
Spaces, equipment and smart public parks.
Intelligent Parking Management System.
Internet access
Intelligent Lighting
Technology services utilities management system.
Smartphones applications.
Intelligent networks (Smart Grid).

Among others ….

SmartCity development projects is realized through public-private partnerships.

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